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Monday, December 1, 2008

Cyber Monday T-shirt Sales

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Feel like your shirt-options just aren't cutting the mustard? Whip out that laptop and enjoy this list of Cyber Monday specials, deals and discounts from some wonderful t-shirt boutiques. If you're a shop owner and have a sale on today or are a shopper who found a sale not shown here, please let us know in the comments.

All sales end at the day's close unless otherwise noted.

Save 20% on your purchase at Anonymous Venice with the coupon GIVESTYLE until 11PM PST.

Catastrophic Clothing has extended their Black Friday sale through today - save 20% with the coupon BLACKFRIDAY.

By 3 shirts and get 2 free at Deathrow and Road Kill T-shirts (that's $8.99/shirt).

Use the coupon code WINTER for 15% off your purchase at District Cotton and get free domestic shipping on orders over $10 if you use the RECESSION SUCKS shipping method.

Organic cotton t-shirts are only $8 at Espial Organic Life Movement through the 2nd.

Heartcore has an updated grab bag with more female sizes and their highest ticket item is only $15.

Everything is $15 at Heavy Rotation through 8:00 this evening.

Save 20% with promo code EMPTEES at I Came From Nothing

20% off your order at Johnny Cupcakes with the coupon SANTA through the 2nd.

Linty Fresh offers 20% off until FALLISFRESH.

Everything is half off at Loyal to Your Soil using the code CYBER50

All merchandise is 30-40% off at Monsieur T. today and tomorrow in preparation for their upcoming holiday collection launch.

Save 20% at Prestigious Clothing with the code MONDAY

Pyknic wants you to enjoy their $10 sale items, $18 new tees, $30 hoods.

Get 40% off with the coupon CYBER_MONDAY at Quixotic Clothing

Validus Apparel will save you 15% off with code CYBERMONDAY

We also look for other great discounts and coupons on our expiration-free coupons page, the ever-growing holiday discount collection, and at the Emptees Cyber Monday thread.

1 penny earned:

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