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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Graphic Vacation: Brandy New Label Sales Galore

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While a quick glance at their wares makes it clear that Graphic Vacation isn't brand new to the t-shirt scene, this is probably the first time you've heard about them, even if you live in the San Diego area. We're happy that the debut of this wonderful new label, which describes itself (a bit inaccurately) as "somewhat dorky, quirky but ultimately cool," is accompanied by tons of great holiday specials and deals. If you're into street culture, creative and outsized prints, Bruce Lee and/or ganja as fashion statement -- plus a bunch of stuff we don't have room to mention -- you'll appreciate GV's contributions to the t-shirt world.

Anyway, we've heard about a bunch of sale options going on now (no word on when they end) so you can just choose your own adventure when ordering:

  • Buy 1 shirt @ $14.99 and above to get another one 50% off -- no coupon necessary.
  • 15% off entire order with coupon code: blogged
  • 10% off all Death Note shirts & hoodies w/ code: deaten -- why you'd want to use this when you could use a 15% off coupon instead is beyond us.
  • Bonus bux on your gift certificates: $25 GC for $20, $50 GC for $40 and $100 GC for $85.
We just wish they had figured out what to do with the back side of this amazing print...

1 penny earned:

admin said...

Thanks so much for the awesome write-up Eden!

All the current sales on the GV website end on Christmas day (but we've got a ton more starting the day after)

You can combine the blogged & deaten coupon codes for extra savings. But, shhh....this is the only place I've mentioned it so far. :o)

Thanks again!
Nikki @ GV

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