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Friday, December 19, 2008

Hands on Clothing: Ultra-Deep Discounts

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WARNING: The people (person?) behind Hands on Clothing has put a playlist at the bottom that is loud, annoying and restarts on every page you click. Make sure you turn down your speakers if you don't want to be audio-assaulted. While this would normally be a deal-breaker, encouraging us to discard the sale altogether, this one is just too big to pass up.

They are currently offering 2 designs -- including the peek-a-boo monster below -- on sale for only £5 with worldwide shipping included. On top of that there's also a £6 option and nothing greater than £14 -- all with free global shipping.

Their style is very much aligned with the big, colorful Seibei or Linty Fresh look, with some big old HOC branding taking up a lot of design space as well. We have no idea how long they'll offer the free shipping and cheap tees, but we expect it will be at least until they run out of printed stock.

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