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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mystery Gift Certificates from Uneetee

2 pennies earned

We've heard you griping about mystery t-shirts, but what about mystery gift certificates?

You get to decide how much you'll pay for the chance to win $30, $100, or $500 in material value -- instead of hoping you'll get a great a great t-shirt, you can hope you'll get a great deal on your t-shirt.

Is there a difference? It's hard to say as we're suckers for both the mystery design and mystery money deals. Pay $10 to get a $12 minimum gift card ($100 max) or spend $20 for a $25-$500 gift certificate. Of course, you could also pay $10 today to ensure you get Evolution and not mess around with this riskiness, but that's no fun...

2 pennies earned:

Ryan (SoS) said...

Well, I for one and going to use $10 out of my $11 GC from the last Mystery GC and guarantee myself another dollar, hopefully more :)

Ryan (SoS) said...

Aaaaaand Uneetee decided it was a great time to have checkout processing issues. Sigh.

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