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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Notion Clothing: 40% Off With Humanitarian Benefits

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Just in case you missed the Notion Clothing 50% off sale the end of last month, all is not lost. You now have a chance to not only save 40% on your purchase, but to also help either the Orange County Toys for Tots Foundation or fire victims in OC, CA via the Red Cross.

You can feel good about not only your spending habits, but also your commitment to do good by saving 40% while Notion donates 10% of your purchase to whichever of the foundations you choose through the 14th of December.

Toys for Tots Promo Code: OCTOYS
Notion Clothing has also generously offered a readers an expiration-free coupon for 15% off any purchase that has already been added to our t-shirt coupons page.

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