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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What We Were Linkin' About in December

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If you haven't yet checked out our sidebar links this month, today's your last day -- so get cracking! Original photo courtesy of Cuppojoe.

First up was a Fat American t-shirt that pretty much summed up some of the things that are wrong with the American attitude. While we're more than happy to shine the light 0f democracy on the rest of the world, there's no way we would do so if we lost the remote control under the couch.

The T-shirt Factory Blog, a great site for designers to get ideas and see what other designers are up to, has surprisingly few "subscribers" considering their commitment to regular and interesting posts.

If you haven't wasted a good four or five days trying to beat the various levels of Desktop Tower Defense (which we had a little trouble spelling correctly in the sidebar for some reason), then you may not be a living/breathing human. It's easy to learn and intensely fun!

OMG! We can't believe how tortured the t-shirts are in this interesting competition from Jamaica. Yes, these kids are literally trying to rip t-shirts from a frozen block and from each other. We're almost positive you haven't seen this video featured on any other t-shirt oriented site out there -- which is an almost unheard-of-feat in this cross-pollinating community.

Although some complain that they hear too much about green culture, we don't think there's such a thing if you're at all interesting in the continuation of the human species on Earth -- a prospect that we're weighing the pros and cons of heavily these days. Anyway, Reware Apparel does a great job of spreading the message and the methods, utilizing sustainable techniques in their t-shirt production.

Along those same lines, this Pirate Bay t-shirt --yes, the largest existant P2P network-- is expensive but made entirely of sustainable bamboo. How cool is that!?

We recently took an old disused computer, attached some pretty nice speakers and turned it into an awesome radio/media station to keep us happy while we work. The newest release of Songbird was an amazing addition to the system, allowing us to find some excellent music downloads and organize our collection without resorting to those passable programs from Microsoft and Apple.

Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirls! 'nuff said...

The Age Project is a fun way to waste a little time, guessing how old participants are based on their pictures. It's lots of fun to see how race and image quality can have such an effect of your guestimates.

We included the final t-shirt shop on the list because, well, we hadn't included any up to this point and VanRockn Apparel really hasn't gotten much love from us in the past. We recommend you visit their site if skulls and silly visual puns make you tee-hee.

We are currently putting together our list of 10 links for January. While we already have a few in mind, you're help is great appreciated. If you know of a great site or would like to pay $10 to see your store featured, please let us know.

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