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Sunday, January 4, 2009

$9 TeeFury: Mad Chop Barbershop

0 pennies earned

Does anyone else feel like the fashion re-cycle is fast becoming short enough that soon popular styles will change within days and come back in vogue within weeks?

The best part about this face-hair-friendly design by Castle is what it helped us learn about the UPS/Fed Ex rivalry from thejakeyl88:

...tell that to UPS. Fools only let us have a mustache. What 24 year old wants a mustache? Before driving I had a huge beard, I was very proud of and I looked badass. Now that I'm clean shaven I feel like a weakling and I hate the way I look.

Fed ex can have goatees, but also aren't union and make literally HALF what UPS drivers make. Bah.

What are your thoughts?
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