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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Almightys: T-shirts from €10

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Thanks to the wonderful power of Twitter -- we seriously never thought we would say that -- we've stumbled across an excellent sale at the heretofore unknown to us, Almightys. If you haven't heard of them either, they're apparently a two-year-old Berlin-based t-shirt design competition site that only print on American Apparel tees. Their artistry covers the range from colorful to more subdued and tend to include a lot of engaging texture-play.

While their t-shirts generally retail for €21 but they're currently on sale for €10, €15 or €18...with many falling in the lower digits. Also, if you order over €70 worth of t-shirts, they'll ship your purchase out for free anywhere in the world. No word on when this sale ends, so it may be worth it to consider spending a little holiday cash on this one soon -- if you were planning on beefing up your wardrobe anyway.

We're real interested to hear what you think about their work in the comments.

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