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Monday, January 26, 2009

Free T-shirts Giveaway from Beautiful/Decay and Shirts on Sale

7 pennies earned

Image courtesy of royblumethal
In these tough economic times, the one uttering that sounds sweeter than all others is that magical four-letter word, FREE. We've been looking for ways to bring you more better free-er things because we know how hard it is to find two nickels to rub together these days and have a few great options for you in the upcoming weeks.

If you will recall, just last week we "highly recommended" that you pick up a B/D Apparel t-shirt at bargain-basement prices because we had a "nice little surprise for you." Well, strap on your goggles, because here it is: We're teaming up with the brand-new apparel branch of the Beautiful/Decay empire to bring you free t-shirts.

Beautiful/Decay wants to know what their t-shirts look like "in the wild" and need your help to make it happen. Winning photos will be displayed on SoS and Beautiful/Decay Apparel's Community photo gallery—you'll also receive a brand new Beautiful/Decay Apparel shirt and some other great goodies! B/D Apparel has loads of free shirts to give away to Shirts on Sale readers -- Take out those t-shirts and get cracking on awesome pictures.

Our goal is to give out free shirts every Friday over the next three weeks, so make sure you get your entry in early to beat the rush! To enter, just upload your picture the brandy-new Beautiful/Decay Flickr photo pool. If you have multiple t-shirts, you're more than welcome to enter multiple times.

For those who don't own a B/D Apparel shirt yet, we've got a free solution for you that doesn't involve purchasing a thing. All you have to do is create a design/collage/artwork/photo that represents your love for Shirts on Sale and we'll foot the bill for your own completely free Beautiful/Decay shirt. While we don't have "loads" to give away, there are definitely enough available to make our readers happy.

All artwork, pictures and other "Lovin' SoS" materials should be uploaded to the virginal Shirts on Sale Flickr pool.

We can't wait to prove to B/D that we have some of the most creative readers this side of the whatever it is you judge sides by where you are...we implore you to let the originality shine.

7 pennies earned:

Bo said...

Love this site. Drew something and just posted it in the flickr pool

Eden said...

Awesome picture Bo. Love the bear!

Bo said...

i'm really liking the b/d designs. you are awesome for giving us a free solution :)

Anonymous said...

Not sure how to do this if you on't have a B/d shirt and don't draw online (?) but are a SOS fan.

Eden said...

Not only do you have plenty of time to pick up some awesome clearance t-shirts and take a picture of yourself, there are also plenty of other ways to express yourself:

Baked goods
Bead art
Hilarious photography

I can't wait to see what you come up with...

alanbernard said...

Hey, does this include hoodies previously bought?

Eden said...

As long as they're Beautiful/Decay originals, I don't see why not!

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