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Monday, March 2, 2009

It's the End of Comment Appreciation Month As We Know It

18 pennies earned

Welcome gladiators and spectators alike!

We have now entered the end-game and require your help in choosing the winner of the momentous battle that was Comment Appreciation Month February 2009 --maybe we should look into shortening that-- via this posts' comment thread.

If you are a contender: Plead your case here. You can post as much and as often as you'd like, as long as you think it will help your cause.

If you're an innocent bystander: Help us choose the winner of a $50 Cultural Cotton gift certificate by getting your two cents in. Let the competitors battle it out a little and then chime in with your opinion on the most deserving commentator.

You've got until midnight March 3rd before we disallow comments here and throw all decision-making to the get cracking!

Photo courtesy of hebedesign.

18 pennies earned:

Adder said...

Ooh, did I know it was a company I've never even heard of? This is exciting either way... if there's some good stuff, I'll be happy to send some love their way. Anywho....

My case, as it is:

1) Predicting t-shirt hell living to sell crappy shirts another day.

2) A poem somewhere or other.

3) a distinct posting style

4) I like culture and cotton.

5) In actuality, like the Grinch, my heart grows three sizes when I win contests.

6) I can sing most of the song this blog's title is based on without needing to look at a lyric sheet. This is a skill that should be encouraged

7) it is snowing where I am right now. I could use as many layers as possible.

8) I forget what 8 was for.

9) because I am as good a choice as any

10) because cultural cotton will be able to say "dude, we've even sold shirts to big curmudgeonly assholes who hate everything!"

bo said...

oh hi.
pick me pick me!

Dagith said...

coming down to the final sprint are we? Well, I can do a bulleted list (numbers are hard)

#. I always try to make my posts amusing to those who may read them

#. I am a fan of clothes, and being clothed

#. I could use some culture, or at least the appearance of such

#. It is very cold here, and T-shirts are very good for this kind of weather

#. I've always dreamed of dressing like an inde kid

#. what number is this?

#. I am usually a huge failure at contests, and this would make my day ever so much brighter =D

#. If I don't win ill make this face:

Victor said...

While I will present my case in a list like Adder, but it's not quite as long :(.

1) OMGWTFBBQ, I love T-Shirts, culture and cotton! A combination of these is even more awesome.

2) Sadly the shirts at Cultural Cotton are quite expensive, and as a poor college student I can't quite afford to spend that much money on T-Shirts.

3) ???

4) Profit! Not really but if you don't pick me, I will attack your blog! Oh... just kidding, I don't have the time to do that :(. But one day...

bo said...

i like lists:

red) i am a tshirt nut. i often can only afford to look at them, but hope that one day i can get the cash moneys to buy all the ones i want. or be lucky enough to get them (contests!)

orange) i check SoS even more than i check facebook. kind of crazy considering i'm in college, but it's true

yellow) i like cultural cotten tees. i wish i had just one tshirt with a good message that's also stylish. but i don't. hm.

green) i try to comment even when it's not comment appreciation month.

blue) i don't have very many abilities that can be used for entering in contests, but SoS has given me contests that even i can enter in. thank you!

violet) uhh..i'm a girl...?

Thomas said...

*rolls up sleeves*

You set the bar high, Adder, but I can play hardball.

1) As I said previously, I have sold my soul to this site. I check and comment daily and now that the verification text is gone, I comment even more.

2) I'm a site vet. I've been here for a long time.

3) I try to make my posts amusing, but thought provoking at the same time.

4) I like culture and cotton even more than Adder.

5) In actuality, unlike the Grinch, my heart grows thirteen sizes when I win contests.

6) I can sing ALL of the song this blog's title is based on without needing to look at a lyric sheet. Yeah, that's right.

7) I am about to go to flag football practicing in the freezing cold. Cover me?

9) because I am a better choice than anyone else.

10) Because I hate seeing commentless shirts. I always do my best to give them a comment so they don't feel bad.

11) I don't even have a number 8. It doesn't get any more hardcore than that.

12. I can't afford to do laundry. Free t-shirts will help keep me clothed in clean duds.

13. I always use proper spelling and grammar. Because I care about you, the comment reader.

14. I... I love you.

Victor said...

Oh dear. Everyone has a longer list than me.

Thomas said...

Do you by chance go to CE, Victor?

Thomas said...

Also, to add to my list.

15. I made my own version of the Comment Appreciation Month February 2009 (or the CAMF20x9, as I call it) logo.

Victor said...

CE. I don't think so <.<. What's CE?

Thomas said...

Nevermind. It's a message board. I've just seen a LOT of the whole this thing:

1. Do something.
2. Do something else, generally stupid.
3. ???????

Victor said...

CE wouldn't happen to mean the same thing as CEF would it?

But yeah, that was the general structure I was going for. Ironically, I've seen it used a lot on a forum I frequent, and 4chan as well though I don't visit there very often.

Thomas said...


This is ironic?

I avoid 4chan like the plague, which, let's face it, it kind of is.

Victor said...

Oh, I meant that it was ironic that I see it a lot on a message board, CEF, while you were talking seeing it on a message board named CE.


Anonymous said...

Why are the reason lists better than the posts have been?

Dagith said...

heh, my idea of imitating the comment appreciation month face was imitated! woo!

(even if it was drawn better)

here ill try and make a real link as opposed to juts a address for those too lazy to copy and paste.


Thomas said...

Time's up. I'm so nervous.

Adder said...

"Oh dear. Everyone has a longer list than me."

yes victor, but remember, the winner isn't necessarily the biggest blowhard.

I'd just like it to be ;)

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