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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

$10 Shirt.Woot: Mars Madness

5 pennies earned

As nice as it is that Shirt.Woot decided to sell a shirt in advance of a "holiday" (though March Madness actually begins today with the play-in game between Alabama State and Morehead State, the real 64-team "Madness" begins on Thursday), we're incredibly surprised that not a single shirt in the past week has anything to do with one of our favorite holidays, St. Patty's Day! And today's design is even on a GREEN shirt to spite us!

In fact, not one of our major sellers served up a heaping portion of Irish heritage. Tell us what you think -- should St. Patrick's Day be a national holiday? (It's sure celebrated like one..)

And aside, to Woot.. it's probably rare to find a robots/aliens/etc fan who's also a big advocate of huge bracketed tournaments held in March. Wouldn't be surprised if this didn't sell too keenly.

5 pennies earned:

Ryan said...

Can't forget our picks..

Rd 1:
Spider over Astronaut
Three-head over Blob
Beasty-thing over We Three Aliens
Robot over Lion McGee

Rd 2:
Three-head over Spider
Robot over Beasty-thing

Robot over Three-head. No contest.

Who you got?

Eden said...

Round 1:
Blob absorbs Three-head to become Three-head Blob
Spider rocks the astronaut. Why did he even try to compete?
We Three Aliens zap the goon before he knows he's in a contest.
The robot spins Lion McGee around like a ceiling fan -- no contest!

Round 2:
Three-head Blob absorbs Spider to become Three-head Blob with Eight Legs.
We Three Aliens laugh at the robot's puny attempt to attack. Take out an object that looks oddly like a Terran TV remote control, press pause then eject. Robot explodes!

Round 3:
WTA says something unintelligible to T-hBwEL and all of a sudden, all three heads are talking to all three aliens. They decide to split the money even and walk away hand in hand in hand in hand in hand in hand in hand in hand...

Thomas said...

I clicked the comments to talk about St. Patrick's Day, but now I'm not sure it would flow.

Ryan said...

Go for it, Thomas. We just got into a side battle :)

Thomas said...

I don't even remember what I was going to say.

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