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Sunday, March 8, 2009

$10 Uneetee: Camouflage

5 pennies earned

You think you know barcodes? You don't know barcodes!!

Scott Blake eats, breaths and defecates barcodes!

5 pennies earned:

Thomas said...

I want to get a barcode tattooed on the bottom of my foot.

Eden said...

That's much more original than the barcode across your neck, which I wanted at some point.

Your foot tattoo comment reminds me of a picture I saw the other day: Gone to Market.

And in looking for that one, I found probably the most unbelievable tattoo I've ever seen. Wow!

Scott Blake said...

I do love barcodes, but that is not my shirt.
Cool zebra design thou. Great minds think alike.

I make Temporary Barcode Tattoos for fun.
FREE BARCODE TATTOO! offer on my website.

Thomas said...

That tattoo is amazing.

Eden said...

You're talking about the Spiderman tattoo, right Thomas? Yeah. It is something more than amazing. Astounding!?

Anyway, thanks for stopping by Scott. That's awesome that you offer free post card barcode art as well as the free barcode tattoo. Now is that a temporary tattoo or are you offering up real tattoos for people who are willing to have them inked on their skin?

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