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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

$10 Uneetee: G'night

8 pennies earned

Okay, what was this guy thinking? Standing behind something that would obscure his tee's design.. and then submitting said picture as an example of showing off said design. It's amazing that this got through their filter!

Who wants to guess what it is that he's standing behind? A table? A UFO?

8 pennies earned:

Thomas said...

I'm pretty sure it's a car.

But I'm mildly miffed that this got through the filter and my submission (which showed the whole front) didn't.

Eden said...

Are you somehow impossible to look at, Thomas? It seems odd that not one of your submissions was accepted.

Thomas said...

It was two submissions of the same picture. But you've seen a picture of me! I'm not incredibly ugly. I don't think.

Eden said...

Not at all. You actually take great pictures. Can you resub?

Ryan said...

Yeah, that's certainly better than, say, this guy's mug.

Thomas said...

Ha, I'd forgotten I took that picture. It's not really worth retaking. I'll take another picture in that shirt one day and submit it.

Kyra said...

HECK YES. I thought I'd missed this as Insanitee or something and was sad, because I've wanted it ever since I first saw it. And now it's mine. For cheap.

Shut up, I'm allowed to be excited about this. :p

(But yes, that's a crap picture.)

Eden said...

Quit hating Ryan, there's no single submitter I love more than that guy. Seriously. I think he's pure wonder and sparkle.

I wonder if he comes by SoS?

And no one's hating on you, Kyra...get excited!

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