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Saturday, March 28, 2009

$10 Uneetee: Where is My Happy Face?

5 pennies earned

Life would be so much easier if we had replaceable heads. Not only would you be positive that everyone's having a good time at your birthday part, wedding or other "must be happy" event, we could get away with so much too.

Rather than change your clothes after a bank heist or mugging, you could just pop around the corner, put on a new face, and stroll away without fear of being ID'd.

5 pennies earned:

Victor said...

:o he looks exactly like this guy in one of my classes, except with more facial fair.

Eden said...

Does that guy always look this happy too?

Victor said...

Oh yes, he just radiates happiness.

Thomas said...

And I'd never have to get a haircut. Ah, it would be great.

Eden said...

The daily shaving ritual for men would be a ton easier as well!

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