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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

$12 teextile: Is That You?

4 pennies earned

This reminds us of this really funny joke we heard last week:

Q: "What did the bat say to the firefly that called it 'Mommy'?"
A: "You're freakin' nuts! Ima gonna eatya!"

Alright. So it wasn't really funny. In fact, we didn't even hear that joke last week...we just made it up on the spot. Perhaps Attila did the same upon hearing that teextile was accepting competitors.

At least it's interesting to see an artist work with dark on dark.

4 pennies earned:

Victor said...

A bit off topic from the shirt, but how difficult is it to be the first person to buy the shirt? The few times I have looked, it seems like the first purchase is 3-4 minutes after midnight, and that seems a bit slow to me. I have yet to purchase something from teextile so I'm probably missing something.

Eden said...

That may be a reason why they got rid of that promotion, Victor.

I think it's an excellent promotional idea, though. Get people to buy before thinking too long and hard about the tee to hedge your bets. It's a shame they had to water it down (only one free shirt per account) and then drop it altogether.

On one hand, you love seeing a t-shirt company that's really paying attention to what's going on with their customers and trying to work with that (the new $12 tees). On the other, it can be frustrating to see them change too much too quickly and not give people a chance to grow accustomed to their style/methods.

Anonymous said...

Eh, with the low traffic, it was pretty easy to nab the free shirt that you really want. Plus you don't need an actual credit card number so you could make sure that if you didn't get the free shirt, the purchase won't go through.

Still a good idea but needs some refining.

Eden said...

Really? No credit card necessary? That's definitely not a good idea. For a promotion like that they've got to ensure they "lock you in" to purchase regardless of whether or not you got the free one.

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