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Monday, March 23, 2009

$12 teextile: To The Stars!

3 pennies earned

Along with this extra-cheery design by Muttley, teextile somberly announces their new pricing structure and setup:

were testing out our new shop system this week... you can now buy all 5 designs for a week, and each design still has its sale date were its only 12 bucks, and $15 for the rest of the week

weve also removed the free tshirt of the day feature... we might bring it back later on in the future, but for now we had to take it down

3 pennies earned:

bo said...

they're also printing it on gold now too!

Eden said...


Yeah. Should have included that info in the update. Although I think the gray looks better for this design.

Ryan (SoS) said...

Did some digging and found a picture of the gold version. Me likey.

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