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Thursday, March 26, 2009

$12 teextile: Vendetta

4 pennies earned

It's pachyderm versus rat in this anthropomorphic playing-out of an inaccurate ancient feud between the two. Apparently, and contrary Gprod's rendering here, elephants care about mice as much as they do anything else. That is to say, they couldn't really be bothered one way or the other. It seems they are some of the most fearless animals in the world, perhaps the reason we had to give them a completely harmless creature as ultimate terror in popular culture.

It is so much easier to belittle others than to raise yourself a few inches, isn't it?
And who really cares about accuracy anyway? It's an excellent-looking shirt!

4 pennies earned:

Anonymous said...

Actually, Mythbusters showed that elephants *are* at least apprehensive, if not scared, around mice:

Eden said...

Interestingly enough, I saw a link to that video when I was conducting my research, but figured it would just corroborate my other findings. Looks like I was wrong on that front.

Although their method is hardly scientific. Why not put an inert white object under the dung to see if the elephant responds to that as well?

Anonymous said...

Do you really have to over-analyze a shirt? C'mon. The first time I saw this shirt, it made me laugh out loud. The absurdity is brilliant.

Eden said...

I hope you saw my post-script after the images, "And who really cares about accuracy anyway? It's an excellent-looking shirt!"

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