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Monday, March 23, 2009

$12 Uneetee: Temple of the Fireflies

0 pennies earned

Looks like Uneetee has finally let go of this tree thing in favor of something that's humorously an altogether different Firefly reference we saw pop up a few days ago at Shirt.Woot.

The big black shadow pagoda looks excellent here in spacemonkeydr's creation, but the fireflies, at least in these pictures, seem too bright, regular and evenly spaced.Alright. So I know I said I was going to pick up Mycology when it was last on sale for $10, because I kept kicking myself for not taking the plunge the prior times it came around...

Would you believe that I actually forgot to get it that day?

Well I'm not making that mistake again. -- the order's already in!

What are your thoughts?
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