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Monday, March 9, 2009

$12 Uneetee: Wear This Tree

4 pennies earned

Is it a tree, a fractal, a map of neurons or just a printing mistake? Perhaps we'll never know -- although the title seems to indicate it is meant to be a perennial woody plant.

We would have appreciated some consideration on Uneetee's part, giving us some indication of how well duba's design plays with the backside of the shirt? Is this truly a belt-printed design or does everything begin and and on the front of the tee?

Although you're preaching to a choir of die-hard tree-lovers at SoS, you're going to have to present better evidence if you want us to covet this monochromatic tee.Interesting that today's $10 Insaneetee deal also takes the common and abstracts it, forcing the viewer to think about what they're seeing. With this tee, though, it seems that the artist is trying to bring you behind the shades of one cool cucumber. Offering up a slowed-down view on a world gone mad with speed as seen through the reflective lenses of aviator sunglasses.

Wait a second, is that first user-submitted pic Jon Heder?

4 pennies earned:

Victor said...

*drool* I really like this one for some reason. How long is it for $12?

Eden said...

Great question! You've got until midnight Sunday (PST)to make your decision.

Anonymous said...

The coupon code doesn't work. Their store spits an error

Oops... that discount code is invalid. Please re-enter. "

I ordered anyway, but just an FYI.

Eden said...

Don't forget it's only valid on full-priced items. So the daily Insaneetee ($10) and weekly pre-order special ($12) aren't eligible.

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