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Monday, March 9, 2009

$15 Teextile: Fox Hole

5 pennies earned

While World War Whatever references aren't something we're generally going for in our t-shirt collection --although a little balance is always nice-- we're wowed by the wonderful willingness of teextile to wave a welcome to wittingly "weird" image whereabouts (alright, so we had to stretch for that last word or two...whatever).

Well done on the win KINS2!

5 pennies earned:

Ryan said...

Terrific. To think that Teextile tackled the typically toughest teeshirt test this time through..

Truthfully, this tee's timely trimmings testify to the twisted themes that today's teemaker tried to trigger.

Victor said...

I like the placement.

Wayne said...

Awesome, awesome shirt. Too bad the international shipping puts it up over my limit for what I'll spend on a shirt.

Eden said...

What is the international shipping? Also, and I'm sorry this won't help you, but now anyone who uses our links to buy shirts gets them for free US shipping!

Wayne said...

To ship from Teextile to Canada was $10.

That's why I only buy $10 shirts from Woot, Uneetee or TeeFury. With their $5 shipping it makes it reasonable.

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