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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

$15 Teextile: Skulls Are Still Kool!

3 pennies earned

While we have to disagree with the logic of the title (not to mention the spelling), you can't blame creator Richard Fang, aka Madeforyou, for incorporating a lot of the "in" things right now into his design -- pinks, greens, diamonds, paint runs, squiggles.. it's all there. So, though we can't condone the use of yet another skull on a tshirt, but much appreciate his reinventing the idea, at least.

3 pennies earned:

bo said...

i think the site hasn't been adjusted for daylight savings time yet...

pretty cool skull shirt but im kind of tired of skulls

teextile said...

i dont actually own skull tshirts... but for some reason this ones different, you'll probably see me wearing it around town

yeah the site hasnt adjusted for daylight savings, but we kinda like this new time so i guess it will fix itself eventually

StrangeDaze said...

I was wondering about the time change, lol. Still, I love the site.

Not a skull fan either, but I love dia de los muertos from shirt.woot. One of my favorite t's.

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