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Sunday, March 29, 2009

$9 TeeFury: Calavera-la Muerte Andante

1 penny earned

Not only is this Lucha Libre shirt an excellent buy at $9 + shipping, alexis ziritt has the best backstory of any TeeFury artist to date.

Some highlights include:

Alexis Ziritt grew up in a simple Venezuelan pleasant village. By day, Alexis Ziritt lived the life of a mild mannered child, by night... he was the same.

As Alexis grew older he realized that being a child prodigy in the arts and possessing the ability to howl across three mountains were not the skills he was going to need to realize his dreams. For one thing, he needed to learn how to walk upright and to use his mind for other things besides opening bananas and complicated voice projection. To raise money for college he went to the roadside and sold his parents for 40 bucks.

He was soon heralded as the father of the Venezuelan Rave Movement.
...with a whole lot in between that's worth the read.

1 penny earned:

Eden said...

We should have warned you in the post, but it looks like we've got an Obama Zombie tee on tap for tomorrow at TeeFury.

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