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Saturday, March 14, 2009

$9 TeeFury: Caretaker

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Aside the from the high-center placement, we can see this being one of those shirts you don't realize you'll love, but as soon as it's gone through the wash once, you're going to want to wear it often. The light lines should reinforce the soft nature of the sentiment and it will probably look much less like an atomic explosion in large-as-life-detail.

We also love that the artist, jewelwing, started working with t-shirts thanks to G4 and Woot:

I saw woot mentioned on G4's Attack of the Show one day and decided to check it out. I'd been drawing my whole life, was working as a freelance graphic designer, and thought it looked like fun. I had lots of designs and sketches, but never thought of putting them on a shirt up until then. Turns out I like it more than anything else I've done.

What are your thoughts?
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