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Monday, March 30, 2009


3 pennies earned

There's no doubt Pop-Monkey has a winner on his hands with this beautiful and controversial piece. Not only does he reference a feeling of sluggishness in terms of reform or "change," if you will, he also wants to bring to mind the mindless hordes who support Obama without question.

On top of all that, the image upon which this is based is plenty contentious in its own right. P-M is wise, though, preempting his own lawsuit by hand-drawing the entire image from scratch and wisely hiding behind a parody defense.

When America begins to feel like a totalitarian state again, we can't wait to pull out our They Live "Obey" poster/shirt with a big old bug-eyed Obama -- if it hasn't been done already.

3 pennies earned:

Pop-Monkey said...

That's a pretty great writeup -- thanks!

Eden said...

Well done. It's an excellently-crafted image. How long did it take you?

Are you willing to create our Obey Obama idea too?

Thomas said...

I like this. A lot.

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