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Friday, March 20, 2009

Brooklyn Industries: 25% Off Sale T-shirts Coupon

2 pennies earned

Brooklyn Industries, so "hip" they even have "hip" in their name --if you severely misspell it-- are offering up an extra 25% off their already reduced sale tshirts. It's a little odd that you can't use this one with their other tees --we tried; it doesn't work-- but that's definitely not complaint-worthy.

They still offer some fun, interesting and different --perhaps a few too many in this last category-- tshirts. Use the coupon MENTEE to save 25% on their men's tees and WOMENTEE for the same discount on women's shirts. You've got until the end of the 22nd to benefit from this one.

2 pennies earned:

Kyra said...

FYI, Not Of This World Apparel seems to be having a sale--some of their girls' shirts are $12.50 as opposed to the usual $19-22, anyway. They're a Christian clothing line, and some of their stuff is...well, cheesy typical Christian shirts? But a lot of it's actually pretty nice and creative, like Adornment Fresh, on sale for $10 (only in women's small, though).

Eden said...

Thanks for the info. Kyra! It's amazing how much good graphic Christian stuff is out there. I was going to say that other religions aren't represented as well and then I remembered that Buddhist and Hindu iconography have pretty much been raped by graphic designers.

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