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Monday, March 9, 2009

Chop Shop: Free Shop Chop Rebus T-shirt

6 pennies earned

Nothing says "cheap" like "free" and Chop Shop knows it! When they first started out their name was reversed. Yes, for some reason they thought it would make sense to be called Shop Chop. Perhaps they were planning on creating their own discount-happy portal who knows?

Anyway, they've got a bunch of leftover t-shirts from days of yonder and are offering the pictured rebus shirt up for free ($5 shipping) when you use the coupon freechop at checkout. That's a $10 savings!
Although it doesn't seem like you can double up coupons, don't forget you can save 20% on any order, even clearance items, with the coupon takethefifth if you find something else there while you're checking out this cryptic tee.

6 pennies earned:

Thomas said...

Which shirts are free?

Eden said...

Sorry if it wasn't clear, Thomas, but I've fixed the update to make it clear that the pictured shirt, only, is free after coupon.

Thomas said...

Oh, I thought the "bunch of leftover t-shirts" were all free. I got super excited.

Victor said...

I completely missed the word free when I read this. I need sleep...

Eden said...

Humorously enough, I just re-read the title and saw it's "Chop Shop: Free Shop Chop Rebus T-shirt" -- so maybe things were pretty clear from the get-go.

Which begs the questions: should we make our headlines stand out more?

Thomas said...

No, but you shouldn't put free before Chop Shop Rebus T-Shirt. As soon as I read free, I was looking to see how.

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