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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Free T-shirt for a Cause: Stop Shark Finning

7 pennies earned

What better way to say "I'm sorry" for phoning in yesterday's updates than with a free t-shirt giveway for our most political appeal opportunity ever? Thanks to the folks at Ban T-shirts, who happen to have some excellent political tees in their sale section, we're happy to offer one lucky winner their very own free Stop Shark Finning tshirt.

We hope you have a little time to do some research as you've only got until noon Friday the 20th EST to submit your answers to the following questions. One person who emails us the most correct answers will be randomly chosen to win the free tshirt.

Cut down on your research time by using the Stop Shark Finning website.

  1. By what percentage has the population of tiger sharks fallen since 1972?
  2. Why do fishermen only want the fins from the sharks?
  3. How many tons of shark fins are used by restaurants each year?
  4. How many miles can long-lines be and what percentage of long-line catch is thrown back into the sea?
  5. What Chinese company has been acting as a shark fin "broker"?
  6. What internet search engine is closely associated with this Chinese company?
  7. Where can you sign an online pledge to never consume shark fin products?
Go on...learn a little and enter for your chance to win a free tee!

7 pennies earned:

bo said...

i have just learned so much. wow.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of selling a black shirt with a red star for $22.20 (with shipping) with the advertising text "Remind people that there are alternatives to capitalism and rampant consumerism."

That totally just made my day. :)

Anonymous said...

where do i email this to?????

Eden said...

It's the image file in the middle of the post. Basically, sweepstakes (at) our website address.

Eden said...

And @Anonymous#1, nothing beats anti-capitalist shirts for sale!

gambit07 said...

that was so informative! Thanks for making us aware eden, even though I'm pretty sure I never would have had shark fin anyway. The volume of some of these things going on is incredible!

Eden said...

It is unbelievable bow rampant this practice is and the deplorable effects on the ocean. Thanks for taking the time to read up on it.

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