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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Imperfect Articles: Half Off Sale

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You can't really blame the curators at Imperfect Articles for running a kind of weird half-off sale, as they really are curators over marketers. We have to applaud their alternative approach to the world of boutique t-shirts: "a clothing brand and site-less gallery, Imperfect Articles takes an experimental approach to curatorial practice with limited-edition, hand-dyed and hand screen-printed t-shirts."

You can find all of the following artists on sale through March 29th. Note that the huge price cut will only be reflected in your shopping cart, so don't let the sticker shock scare you from throwing anything in there. You can always remove it before handing over your greenbacks (or redbacks or purplebacks...whatever you use).

It's no $5 Threadless Tshirt sale, but you're getting something a lot more special and unique at an unbeatable price.

Royal Art Lodge
Scott Anderson
Mike Andrews
Artists Anonymous
Marc Atlan
Jim Avignon
Conrad Bakker
Able Brown
Jon Burgerman
Amy Chan
Cat Chow
Kim Collmer
Richard Colman
Christopher Davison
Ron Doran
Sarah Emerson
Ivan Gaete
Peter Gallo
Clare Grill
Maya Hayuk
John Hogan
Cody Hudson
Ellen Ito
Chris Kerr
Julien Langendorff
Andrea Loefke
Corrine Marchetti
Benjamin Marra
Amy Mayfield
Conor McGrady
Robert Medvedz
Grant Miller
Jiha Moon
Russell Nachman
Motomichi Nakamura
Anders Nilsen

Paul Nudd
William J O'Brien
Asuka Ohsawa
Jason Paradis
John Parot
Andrew Pommier
Carmen Price
Alison Ruttan
Oliver Schultze
Adam Scott
Serge Seidlitz
David Shrigley
Joseph Smolinski
Klutch Stanaway
Scott Treleaven
Chris Uphues
Brigitta van Drie

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