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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kosher Ham: Special 10% off Coupon

3 pennies earned

Well, we actually got tweeted our first special discount yesterday and figured it would be rude not to share with the rest of you. Kosher Ham, a t-shirt humor site with a special focus on Judaism if you couldn't figure it out from the name, has offered us 10% off our purchases --on top of their standard "buy three get one free" deal-- when we use the coupon sostweet at checkout.

If you're not Jewish, or don't go in for Hebraic humor, don't despair, they still have plenty of other shirts to recommend them including this little near-gem (that should either drop the picture or the explanatory text, both are overkill):

3 pennies earned:

Anonymous said...

love the shirt! Kosher Ham has some funny tees. Good play on words for a brand. I like how the mystery and allure to "kosher ham".

Anonymous said...

ha - u see their "economic recession" shirt? classic.

Anonymous said...

kosher ham has cool facebook ads. i like their photos of the shirts, and it looks like they use american apparel. jew or no jew...this funny tee site is for me!

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