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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

{Miles to Go}: Everything $10-$15

2 pennies earned

There's a big 48 hour sale on now at {Miles to Go} whose t-shirts apparently look best if you have near-sleeve tattoos along your arms. The owner of the line really needs to get together some money for a plane ticket to see a family member, so if you were ever thinking about getting something from his store, now would be a great time for everyone's benefit.

Sale lasts through Wednesday midnight PST (3am EST) and no coupons are allowed during this less-than-usual blowout event. There are many $10 shirts to choose from, just scroll down to see the less expensive items.

2 pennies earned:

Victor said...

Nice, the spandex hot shorts are only $8.00.

Eden said...

Hahaha! I noticed that pretty fast too!

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