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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Selector!: Spring Clearance and Exclusive Coupon

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If you're ready for Island-inspired tshirts at a discount, then Selector! is ready for you. This label is created by, for, and with the Reggae-loving masses of the world. You'll notice a few lyric-based designs as well as some completely original work here including the shirt pictured below -- a rebus for "we run tings" in case you had trouble figuring it out.

Not only are all their items, including a poster and sound system pillows, on sale for approximately 50% off their regular price as they clean out their old stock in favor of new designs, we've also managed to score a nice extra 10% when you use the coupon SHIRTSONSALE at checkout. As with any seasonal-cleaning sale, sizes are limited, so it's worth it to check this one out soon.

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