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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vig Tees: 10% Coupon and Free Shipping on $25 Orders

1 penny earned

Unless you heard about it before now, today's the only day for you to use the coupon code bigvig for 10% off anything at Vig Tees, a good source for topical, humorous and graphic t-shirts. On top of that savings, if you order over $25 worth of teeshirts, easy to do when they cost between $18 and $20 a pop, you get free international shipping.

It's hard to tell from a picture on the InterTubes and without much confirmation from the webmaster, but it appears that these tees are printed with a soft touch, making them as cozy as your favorite tshirt straight out of the mailbox. We do know that they print on American Apparel and claim to use only the "highest quality screen-printing techniques."

1 penny earned:

Eden said...

A better coupon just found its way to our inbox. Use the code springtime to save 15% through April 10th.

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