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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

$10 Shirt.Woot: At Least It's Not Knives

5 pennies earned

At first we thought it was an April Fool's "two for one" deal, but the joke's on us. We didn't have a chance to see the design properly because Woot's server is currently getting slammed because they're offering a Bag o' Crap.

Finally got it into focus...and see that it's actually a double-sided shirt. Aside from some super-special print, we believe this is the first in Shirt.Woot. Apparently, this heralds new options to come:

...from now on, every shirt will have an option to print on the back. It might mean more work for us, but really, you’re worth it, don’t you think?

5 pennies earned:

Eden said...

Darn. I thought I had a Bag o' Crap in my hand, but it slipped through my fingers like so much sand.

Anonymous said...

That same thing happened to me. Second time in less than a week.

Anonymous said...

"We call this color: Heather Graypril Fool’s! You’re not getting any of that “print on the back” stuff! It was all a big joke! Suckers! Now shut up and consume."

Eh eh?

Also, I have to point out the outrageous sidedeal of day on shirt.woot. THIRTY BUCKS FOR A SHIRT. CHRIST.

Eden said...

Aw. Come on. You're being too harsh. They're only $21.75 with the Shirt.Woot coupon -- and they're full metal. That's gotta be worth something.

Eden said...

Darn. I didn't have enough time to read the fine print!

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