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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day Discounts

1 penny earned

Today only get 40% off any purchase over $30 with the coupon FOOLISH at the previously-mentioned No Star. Start shopping for men, women, and children. Their t-shirts are often sophomorically funny, but they've also got the artistic chops to back up their funny-bone humor.Similarly silly, Busted Tees also has several versions of a sale going on today, although these tend to be semi-permanent it seems. The more special deals include a whole slew of recently unveiled $8 tshirts as well as 20 $9.99 teeshirts at their sister site, the visually titilating Defunker. And you can always stop by weekly to see their rotating lineup of $12 sale tshirts.
Finally, the wacky, wonderful and wild kids at British outfit Your Eyes Lie are celebrating the last day of their spring sale with 20% off the purchase of any two items when you use the coupon TASH09 at checkout. This one also expires today, so don't spend too long on the fence.

1 penny earned:

Eden said...

Just came across this $5 Going Out of Business Sale at All For Love as well. Help them clear out their stock and show some love.

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