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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ShirtaDay: The Jonas Brothers are Killing Music

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Although we would gently applaud if we ever heard someone utter the statement, "the Jonas Brothers are killing music," we don't think it really goes far enough. Tweendom itself is not just the end of music, but possibly the death of all culture as we know it.

2 pennies earned:

Anonymous said...

Anyone who actually believes this has no sense of musical history or context and deserves the embarrassment wearing such a shirt in public will bring upon you. Come on, if you are over 12 you need to be the bigger person and let your disdain for this band go. There are lots of people making music out there. And each person is only going to like a fraction of it.

Victor said...

The Jonas Brothers are not only killing music, American culture, all cultures, but also Mother Nature herself. I believe they will also cause Mars to explode as well if they continue to make music.

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