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Saturday, May 30, 2009

$10 Uneetee: Camouflage

3 pennies earned

Quick! Can you spot the person in this shirt wearing a Uneetee shirt?
And if you've been following along at home, I bet you thought this was going
to lead to this week's free teextile shirt giveaway...but you'd be wrong. Of course,
that means we're guaranteed to give away one shirt today or tomorrow to a lucky reader.

Who knows? There might already be a free tshirt contest hidden in one of the posts from this week...(but I doubt it).

In other, unrelated Uneetee news, you can still save 15% on any regular-priced teeshirts at Uneetee today and tomorrow (instead of our standard 10% discount) with the time-limited coupon code SVMD15.

3 pennies earned:

Michael said...

it's the guy in front, wearing the white shirt. It is the zebra/bar-code one.

Although I'm sure that that was a rhetorical question.

Eden said...

Yeah. It was a rhetorical question...but we always appreciate a good college effort. If I hadn't stated categorically that this wasn't the free shirt giveaway above, we would have thrown you the tee just for fun.

Eden said...

And who knew that uncategorically is malapropism? That was news to me and I generally consider myself fairly grammatically proficient.

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