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Friday, May 29, 2009

$10 Uneetee: Pseudo Phantasy

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For those of you that envision a lovely lady caught up in a whirlwind of jungle atmosphere, this insaneetee designed by michael siew han woo has captured the free and daring ideals of a woman that wants for nothing more than a few flowers and animals by her side. In a hurried depiction of wild fauna (the owl is my favorite--can you find it?) surrounding the mysterious female with a somewhat pensive look on her face, the shirt might fare better with some color contrast. Or, perhaps it was the designer's intention to make a "Where's Wildlife?" game out of the tee...

A few glances were taken before I noticed that the web of creatures is actually woven into the nature-girl's clothing. It's like you're wearing a t-shirt of a woman wearing a a few extras.

There seems to be a recurring theme of nature going around. Don't forget that, after an extended pre-sale, Le Soleil by the110 will only be available for $12 until Monday, June 2nd.

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