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Saturday, May 30, 2009

$9 TeeFury: Great Horned Owl

2 pennies earned


That is what I first said upon seeing this shirt. I think that this design truly embodies the spirit of an owl (without treading into the dangerous territory of over-sized tie-dyed nature shirts). With the dark color scheme, the intense stare, the embedded jewel in his forehead, this owl is the kind of creature you see in vision quests who imparts to you the meaning of life.

Artist Jimiyo said he sought to focus on intricate details in this design, illustrated by the delicate layering of feathers and swirling embellishments. All in all, this is an owl to be both feared and respected.

2 pennies earned:

EdwardBlake said...

The first awesome teefury that I've seen in a while. I think this will bring up my owl related tee count up to five. :D

Eden said...

You can always count on Jimiyo for beautiful work. It's hard to imagine that he can find the time to illustrate so ornately with all his (sometimes mean) tweeting and other duties.

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