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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Your Eyes Lie: 20% off Coupon

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Your Eyes Lie, a British retailer of both in-house and "out-house" labels, is now offering a very interesting exclusive collection of ALAB hand-painted t-shirts at £30 a pop. Of course if you use the coupon TASH09 you could save 20% off those tees or anything else in their store. And, on top of that, they also offer free global delivery on any order over £50.

While we're not such big fans of ALAB's penchant for creating t-shirts that look like something their not (a vest, scarf or sleeveless striped jumper --that's sweater for the non-Brits), you just might go for that sort of thing. Now their Andy-Warhol-looking portraits on the other hand...

And while we know it's not Andy Warhol, we aren't quite sure who it's meant to be. Perhaps one of the Doctors??

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