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Friday, June 12, 2009

$10 Shirt.Woot: The Devil Is In The Details

1 penny earned

Tgentry makes us and Little Red Riding Hood over there -- rethink the dangers of the woods. It ain't no gigantic wolf. Just like in writing class, life or truth -- or in this case the devil -- is in the details, not the obvious. That being said, Little Red Riding Hood better stop frolicking, and pay attention. Although, I would hope that she would notice a creepy black tree, offering her a piece of fruit. Look, girl, I know it's juicy, but just like your parents told you not to take candy from strangers, don't take strange apples from plants you don't know. Adam and Eve should have hit the point home. Or do you need a refresher? As long as you're going to stand there, you might as well get one. And hurry. Before you damn us all!

1 penny earned:

Aleks said...

this is definitely a new favorite...its tempting me right now to snag it.

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