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Sunday, June 14, 2009

$10 Shirt.Woot: The Early Bird

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Ah, the sweet nature of the t-shirt gets me! It's so cute, and yet contains the most important message of all time (or at least to those that take it to heart). I have seen some birds retrieving worms on a late Sunday afternoon, so in what way are those flappers early? And what's going on with all the bird themes? Is there going to be some kind of bird coup that I need to know about? I don't want to get pooed on! I'll be investing in a few umbrellas and ponchos just in case.

Well, well, yodal. Thanks for making me paranoid and underachieving because I don't get up 'til 10. What the's summer! By the way...since when do birds fish for worms with a stick?

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