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Saturday, June 6, 2009

$10 Shirt.Woot: Overindulgence

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Overindulgence, by Crescentdebris, is a new take on summer partying. These grills don't need to go to Cancun to have a good time. It's all right there in the backyard. All they need is some high quality lighter fluid, and they're set. It looks like a few barbecues don't have the metal to tolerate more than a generous drizzle. But there's one grill who will be damned before he lets anyone beat him at this drinking game. He's got his cover tipped back, and not one, but two lighter fluid bottles positioned overhead. He doesn't care that the fluid is gushing over his sides, he is going to keep spraying!

But I have to wonder, why is everyone just ignoring that grill lying on the ground. He is obviously having trouble. I mean, that much fire can't be a good thing. And he upchucked his paddies! I can't believe they're just leaving him there like that. Just smoking a Hebrew National, not giving a damn. What is the backyard coming to?

What are your thoughts?
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