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Friday, June 5, 2009

$10 Shirt.Woot: Evolution of BBQ

3 pennies earned

Taking advantage of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, and a few other shirts in this theme, we get to see the evolution of man's favorite pastime. No, it's not baseball. It's grilling big slabs of raw meat over a fire. True to our own primitive origins, the first barbecue master didn't bother to cook his bird. He didn't even bother to pluck feathers. Technology advances, and he cooks it over a fire. This time, just a drum stick, not the whole hog. Next, our present BBQ grill. Next our not so distant future, with a tiny reactor-like BBQ pod. Lastly, we see our distant future. A man crouches by tiny green packets. This is his final triumph over nature, though it looks more like a failure. He's naked, and there is no fire glowing. He seems to me, almost helpless.

Like all good shirts, leaves more questions unanswered, than answered.
Design By: jamescho84

3 pennies earned:

EdwardBlake said...

Interesting commentary on today's shirt.woot shirt.

+1 would read again.

pollicino said...

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Eden said...

I can really come and get me advertising on you blog? Hallo!

(alright, so I really shouldn't make fun as I couldn't write anything nearly so coherent in Italian...but this was such silly spam, it made me feel a little wicked)

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