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Monday, June 1, 2009

$17 Uneetee: Old School Dance (two-for-one!)

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It's so great that people haven't completely forgotten about cassette tapes. It makes me sad to know that mixtapes are no longer made on tape! Let's have a National Cassette Tape Day (is there one already? Please let me know if there is)! Since there's not much of a use for these obsolete forms of music-holding, we can set up a boatload of 'em like dominoes and knock them down or at least recycle them.

Get this great reminder of the good 'ol days, designed by fistofartist, and get one for a friend (size and gender mix possible). Don't worry, you can be stingy and just get 2 different colors for yourself, too. But seriously, at least consider being a good pal and giving one have a week to decide.

Ever wonder which shrooms were safe/fun to eat when out in the woods? This insaneetee by Daniel Gilbert might help. Notice the gradual height increase, size, and shape change between mushrooms along with the indications of outcomes after consuming each. On the close-up detail, you can see that the mushrooms have baby mushrooms as well. How wonderful!

...Speaking of wonderful...

With a possible choice to merely decorate your culinary creation, be poisoned, or enter the "dreams" of Alice flying through a very confusing wonderland, this t-shirt will leave people speculating as to whether you're cooking with the mushrooms or enjoying the ride. Looks like this "Alice" is ready for her debut down the never-ending rabbit hole!

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