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Monday, June 15, 2009

$12-15 Uneetee: Summer Sale 2009--Extended!

0 pennies earned

Did you miss the summer sale? No, you didn't! Last shot, tee fiends! Uneetee took pity upon those of you that were waiting for that paycheck on the 15th and decided to grant you additional $12-15 t-shirt time (no indication of when it might end!). What luck! And you thought it was over - Please.Birds or Plane? is the latest design that has been blessed with a $10 sale. As I've mentioned
before, I enjoy the visually stimulating nature of sculpted nature. As is evidenced in the image below, the birds form a man-made flying object (I'll let you decide what 700 model it is).

Did you know that planes' windshields are tested by having dead chickens fired (canon style) at them? They've got to make sure there's not a repeat of the U.S. Airways Hudson River event. You'll have to speak with Martin Hall about the hazards of flying an actual bird-plane. He might have a concept vehicle for the next airplane show.

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