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Friday, June 19, 2009

$12-15 Uneetee: Summer Sale 2009--Still Extended!

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By now, you've (hopefully) heard about this sale - if not, please take advantage while you can. Uneetee's giving you as much opportunity as you need to gather any leftover t-shirt cash you have and siphon it into a few more purchases! I have a distinct feeling you won't have much longer, folks.I believe this is the fourth time this shirt has been chosen as the $10 insaneetee, which I find interesting, ironic, and profitable. Dove of Peace has graced our presence yet again with the in-our-face paradox of an aesthetically pleasing fowl composed of various weaponry (nice choice of camo pants, by the way). Remember, freedom isn't free - there's hefty effin' fee. If you don't pay your buck-o-five, who will? I'm sorry to say this is one nature formation t-shirt that I don't particularly enjoy, but I do enjoy the nice pastel colors, Candy Chuah.

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