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Friday, June 12, 2009

$12-15 Uneetee: Summer Sale 2009!

0 pennies earned

Alright, shirt enthusiasts, you've got two more days before the Summer Sale of 2009 ends! Step up to the mouse pad and take charge of your t-shirt wearing future! Uneetee will be closing the gateway to their t-shirt utopia this upcoming Sunday, June 14th. Get on with it, people! (Was that too pushy? Sorry. Don't get offended. I just took 4 shots of wheatgrass.)Also, you might consider taking advantage of the $10 insaneetee, City Built of Rock and Roll. Notice: I said "of" and it wasn't a typo. Designer Aaron Burk was quite literal with his prose construction of a non-regional downtown district. A few favorites I found in this t-shirt are: Guns N' Roses, The Doors, ACDC, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and of course, don't forget about Jimi!

When weighing your t-shirt purchasing options, take into account the awesome detail of this shirt and the time it took Aaron Burk to intricately weave an extensive listing of the big names into the city's high rises of long hair, sex, drugs, and...well, you know. It's a who's who (yes, The Who is in there somewhere--I saw it) of the influential rock and roll musicians of all time.

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