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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

$12 teextile: Chapter

3 pennies earned

"You are at the end."

That is quite a statement to make, and I think Kins2's design pulls it off well. The elements are striking: the grungy white splatters, shaky text, and most of all the tree rooted in the palm. I personally love how the tree roots become the veins in the arms.

I can't say that I definitively "get" this shirt, but I don't think that's the point. Coming to the end of a chapter, whether it be literal or metaphorical, can be just as abstract as the elements of this design.

3 pennies earned:

Kins2 said...

The explanation would be.....
That a tree in all its glory doesn't grow forever, it reaches an end.
The tree reproduces though... which would begin its new chapter.

Kins2 said...

It was a class project ... where I had to some how include the city of birmingham into it. Wether through the way i felt about the city or literally.
Im tired of living in birmingham and I feel like I cannot grow anymore by staying here, or continuing what I am doing here.
It also had to have type.

Lucy said...

Thanks for the explanation! I love how you incorporated those elements into this design. Although I didn't glean the exact back-story of the design, I feel like I got the emotion behind it, which proves how effective it was.

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