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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

$12 Teextile: Safe From Harm

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AAaaah! It's a monster! It's big, gelatinous, and has a big toothy smile! Oh, whatever shall we do! If left unchecked, it will surely smash those poor, defenseless trees!

But not to fear, the hooded/masked avenger is here! And it appears this monster is a fan. Looks like he just wanted to say hi. Very emphatically, I might point out. But did he have to cause almost imminent destruction to meet his idol?

I guess so. But I don't think our hooded savior appreciates such blatant misuse of his presence. Is everything safe from harm? Yeah, I think so. Would it have been safe, even if the super hero didn't show? Most likely. I think this was just to prevent somebody from having a temper tantrum. If so, I think we narrowly missed a disaster.
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