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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

$12 Teextile: Four-tusked Mammoth

0 pennies earned

WYNDELLE, resurrects an old favorite, but with a sort of Lord of The Rings twist. It's a mammoth, exploding out of the center of the shirt. Unlike its real-life counterparts, this mammoth has twice the tusk power. That's right, four of those bad boys. Remind you of the Oliphaunt, that Frodo and his crew had to fight?

Either way, I can't imagine what he would do with his extra teeth, but I'm sure it's necessary. Maybe those extra tusks keep would-be hunters away. Or maybe they're an insurance policy against losing one or two. Maybe it's just to attract some beautiful cows. You know how picky women can be.

I wouldn't want to get in his way, during mating season. It would leave a lasting impression. Probably a fatal one.

What are your thoughts?
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